LensesDirect.me awarded the Dubai Chamber “Trusted Member” Label

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LensesDirect.me awarded the Dubai Chamber “Trusted Member” Label

The LensesDirect.me team is extremely proud to have received the Dubai Chamber “Trusted Member” certificate 

This is a virtual seal of credibility verifies that we have successfully passed a number of tests set by Dubai Chamber of Commerce including credit rating and distinguishes LensesDirect.me from lesser-known and potentially unofficial or illegal suppliers. 

A spokes person for LensesDirect.me highlights how excited we are; "We are proud to have been certified as a trusted e-commerce platform by Dubai Chamber of Commerce. We continually strive hard to build our reputation & trustworthiness online and this certificate is a wonderful acknowledgement of that. "

The Dubai Chamber “Trusted Member” Label, is an exclusive service developed for MENA traders to enhance their e-trade reputation and trustworthiness globally. The “Trusted Member” Label is an endorsement scheme which recognises traders who successfully pass Dubai Chamber’s assessment process.